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The Cornish countryside changes throughout the seasons, as does the botanicals that we harvest. This inspired our Master Distiller to create Four Magical Gins. Each seasonal gin is infused with botanicals influenced by our seasonal crops. Wherever you are, you can choose your favourite season and be magically transported to Cornwall*

*Please note, physical transportation costs a wish from our Djinn who is busy conjuring our spirits.

Welcome to Magical Djinn

We are proud of our unique brand and flavours. Our 5 debut gins have been lovingly created at a micro distillery in the picturesque county of Cornwall, after seeing how they work it was the obvious choice for us; specialising in handcrafted spirits using the finest ingredients and natural botanicals distilled in copper alembic stills to enrich the distilling process.

We are very passionate about our Gins and we hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Magical Djinn - Seasonal Range HD

Conjured to Perfection

Magical Djinn - Winter Spiced Gin HD

Winter Spiced Gin

When winter draws in, we seek comfort and warmness from our surroundings and the traditions we are used to.

Our Winter Spiced Gin draws inspiration from those traditional flavours, giving you a gin steeped in a taste that takes you magically to that most special of seasons.

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Magical Djinn - Spring Zesty Gin HD

Spring Zesty Gin

As we wake on a spring morning, we are filled with optimism and the freshness of new beginnings and things to come.

Our Spring Zesty Gin combines the lightest of spring florals and the essence of citrus notes, giving you a flavour matching the newest of the season.

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Magical Djinn - Summer Chilli Gin HD

Summer Chilli Gin

The beginning of summer gives us a fresh new outlook, with the heat of the season to look forward to.

Our Summer Chilli Gin combines these feelings with the warmth of chilli and the freshness of lime giving you a completely new flavour capturing those glorious summer days.

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Magical Djinn - Autumn Berry Gin HD

Autumn BErry Gin

The Cornish countryside is alive with nature and berries. The hedgerows are overflowing with their natural abundance.

Our Autumn Berry gin is inspired by natures natural harvest, infused for your enjoyment and splendour. We really think you will enjoy this one.

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Magical Djinn - Alembic 57 Gin

Alembic 57 Gin

Our Alembic 57 is distilled in Cornwall using classic alembic stills which produces a delicious and authentic gin.

Our high strength gin is created with the finest traditional botanicals along with our special ingredient of pumpkin seeds. Bottles at 57% abv, bursting with flavour. The perfect comapanion to any cocktail.

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Magical Djinn - London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin

Our London Dry gin is distilled in Cornwall using classic alembic stills which produces an authentic and delicious gin.

We have combined traditional botanicals with our special ingredient of pumpkin seeds. This creates a smooth natural tasting gin which can be enjoyed with any tonic or simply poured over ice.

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Magical Djinn - Pink Lemonade Gin

Pink Lemonade Gin

Our Pink Lemonade gin is inspired by our love of traditional and delicious flavours.

Its light refreshing taste, mixed with its beautiful pink colour brings you an easy-drinking gin. Which can be enjoyed with a group of friends, who are looking for a good time and great gin. We absolutely love this classic.

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